Easy Apartment DIY Decor Projects

easy apartment diy decor photograph, Polaroid, and art banner

A bit of a fun and different post today! I moved into a new apartment about five months ago and it’s been a continual process of getting things, arranging things, and making things to decorate and furnish it. Here are a few of some very simple but pretty cute apartment DIY projects that I have done. 

easy diy apartment decor photo string banner

Photo/art banner

Alright, this first one is just silly simple, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. It’s the pinnacle of cute, east apartment DIY -ing. I have a couple of photo string situations, and the first is a string of clips with battery powered lights that I got from Target. It’s small, but fits just perfectly in the front window to display some cute cat-themed Polaroids over some of my plants. In my room, I have a slightly more DIY version to display some prints, which is just simply thread, with clips tied on the ends, and paper clips to hold the art! All that is held up with sticky tack to keep your nice apartment or dorm walls mark free.

easy diy apartment decor enamel pin display


I have gathered a decent amount of pins that I really like, but I was scared to put them on anything because it would suck if they fell off! Because of that, I’ve been searching Pinterest and the rest of the internet for cool ways to display pins.. and I honestly didn’t feel like I found anything that I liked too much, or they just didn’t match my aesthetic preferences. Then, one day I was browsing Target and same this really cool gold wire frame! I had my pins on my mind and a DIY idea was born. All I did was hot glue a black denim-like fabric to the back of the frame, and cut away the excess. I thought the edges of it might bother me, because I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I am happy with how this turned out! I think it looks really nice, and now I can admire my pretty pins from the comfort of my living room.

easy diy apartment decor enamel pin display


This little project may not be applicable for every living space, but I’m really happy with it! My reason for this project originally was to have a backdrop for behind my computer desk, but I ended up really liking it, just to section off the room and make it feel a little more cozy. What I did here is took a shower curtain rod (*make sure you get the correct size for your space!), a tapestry, and crudely sewed the top of it so I could slide it like a curtain. Again, like all of these, this was really easy, but makes a big difference in my room!

Thank you for reading!