Summer Favorites

Yay! Time to talk about things that I love! As you remember, I typically do one "Favorites" post a month, but since I've been gone for a while, I thought it would be fun and practical to combine all these cool things into a "Summer Favorites" list instead. Let's go!

❀ From June ❀

I love Lorde. I've been listening to her new album more than anything else since it was released. Looking back, it feels strange that this album has only been out for a few months, but that's probably due to the sheer volume of listens I've had. I love her! If you haven't gotten around to listening to this album yet, it's definitely worth a chance.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't bring up how absolutely perfect that the album cover is. (Artist Sam McKinniss) It's the perfect visual representation of the vibe of the record.

Now coincidentally, here are a few chocolate things. First, this Chocolove Ginger Crystalized in Dark Chocolate is awesome. I want to state that Chocolove does not claim their products are vegan, because the bars are made on shared equipment with milk products, so if that bothers you personally, definitely skip these. I'm cool with it though. And these are really good! The chocolate is really smooth and the crystalized gingers add a nice little tanginess and is easy on the stomach. I've been really into ginger lately. I've been drinking ginger ale, and occasionally Moscow Mules, but what I should really be doing is adding ginger to smoothies. Yum.

More on chocolate, my two favorite health/beauty products are two chocolaty products from Lush. I received the Chocolate lip scrub first as a gift and I was really enjoying it, but didn't have a good moisturizing lip balm to use afterwards... Until I got Lush's "Buttered Brazils" lip balm to match. This little duo works really well together. I use the lip balm every day, and the scrub once or twice a week!

❀ From July ❀

In July, Nick and I adopted our sweet baby kitten Motorcycle.  We love her so so much and she is definitely my most favorite on this list and my most favorite ever. She's growing up so fast! She's is about 4 months old now and just 4 1/2 lbs. So full of energy and love!

Next, some food stuff. I have been into trying different bottle drinks and smoothies lately, and the Naked Juice in the "Green Machine" flavor tastes soooo good. I'm not great at getting all the greens in that I'm supposed to, so having one of these makes me feel marginally healthier, which I like! There are a lot of different flavors of these but this green one is my go-to.

This is kind of funny to me, because nutritional yeast is such a vegan staple, but I've just been so OBSESSED with it lately, I just had to mention it on here. I will literally add at least three tablespoons of it to almost everything I eat. While it's probably not the healthiest thing, I don't really think it hurts, and I get a nice serving of B vitamins daily! I haven't met a "nooch" I didn't like, but the two that I'm always stocked up on are Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning and
Bob's Red Mill Large Flake Yeast!

❀ From August ❀

And that brings us to August. Hey, I got a guitar! This is the humble Squier Standard Telecaster in "Antique Burst". I earned a decent amount in gift certificates through a training course, and I decided to get myself a guitar, because I didn't have an electric guitar and I thought it would be fun! And it is! I wasn't too sure if I would like the color of it at first, but it's actually a really nice red burst. Rock and roll, baby!

I've been curious about Soylent before, but hadn't ever made the purchase, because it is a decent investment, because you have to buy it by the case. However, Amazon Prime Day happened, and I picked this up on an awesome sale. I actually have been really enjoying it as a breakfast replacement. The kind I got, "coffiest" has caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee!

Last up for now is this cool little clip on Ring Light that I honestly got entirely to improve my Instagram game. I really like how it's a simple slip so it will fit on any phone, or anything else decently thin, so it's really versatile. It's battery powered, and has three brightness settings. If you don't want to dole out for a Kim K sponsored illuminated selfie phone case, this little guy will do just fine!

♡ That's all for now, but I will certainly be obsessed with some new things next month! (ノ°▽°)ノ Thank you always for reading and talk to ya very soon. ♡