Vegan Art Supplies – What To Look For

Who knew that art supplies could be made with animal products? Ew…! I had no idea until a few months ago- in fact, I had no thought about it at all. Unfortunately a lot of common art supplies aren’t vegan, but I’m going to share what to look out for, and what products are cruelty free and good to go!

Painting Tools

This is one I did kind of realize- a lot of paintbrushes are made with real animal hair. If the brushes are real hair, they are often considered “better” and in hand, more expensive, so shopping for synthetic brushes you save your vegan conscious and wallet.

Making sure you use vegan paint, however, is a little more tricky. Paints often have gelatin (“collagen obtained from various animal body parts,”.. yeah really!!) and others, carmine (made from bugs).  It’s a pretty tricky, or impossible to tell if paints are vegan just by looking, so it’s important to research ahead of time if you want to have an easy time of  buying paints. Two really good resources I’ve found are listed below, and in my experience, brand are generally pretty willing to answers these questions if you email them.


Unless you are quite educated on fabrics, it’s not easy to tell if they originate from animal products or not, just going off the name or feel alone. I know it sounds silly, but when I went to buy crafting felt I had the sequence of thoughts. “Oh, this is made of wool”…”Oh, wool comes from sheep… this is an animal product, and I don’t want that!” One of the most useful, comprehensive list of fabrics and their origin is from January Threads. They list the material and have a YES/NO if it’s vegan. It’s very useful to have this list handy before heading into a fabrics store and undoubtedly feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Often, the people working there will do their best to assist, but not everyone knows or understands animal products and why people wouldn’t want that, so it’s always good to be prepared.


DMC embroirdery thread ever- I vouch for them so hard. I was pretty sure that were all vegan, but did reach out to them to make sure that there were no animal products and that answered back to confirm that are all vegan! I’m learning more and more that it never hurts to ask, and the more people that reach out to companies with questions like this. they will realize that it is a concern of their consumers.

Thank you for reading! Cheers to forever growing and learning about the products we choose to buy!