Vegan UrthBox Review

*This post's original publish date was April 28, 2017* 

Vegan UrthBox Review - outside of box

A few weeks ago I finally caved to Instagram’s incessant UrthBox ads when I noticed that they had a vegan option. A vegan UrthBox! Discovering new vegan foods is so much fun, and I usually assume that most fun subscriptions boxes aren’t vegan, so I got really excited and went for it.  They offer the first snack box “free”, plus the cost of shipping, which is what always gets me. I chose the largest option, paid the $14.99 shipping fee, and forgot about it.. until I got my first delivery three weeks later. There was quite a few snacks, 26 total, so I separated them into a few categories, chips, vitamins, and drinks.


Vegan UrthBox Review- chips and snacks

  • Honchos Peach Habanero Chips (2)
  • Garlic Olive Oil Pasta Chips (2)
  • Hippeas, happenin’ hickory & maple haze
  • Penny Stick pretzels
  • R!se Buddy Sea Salt Rice Snacks
  • PopCorners Carnival Kettle Corn Chips (3)

The majority of the box was definitely comprised chips and pretzels, so let’s start there. This section honestly made me realize how picky and weird I am. The Honchos chips were better than I expected, but anything that has “flavor dust”.. weirds me out a little. I like the Hippeas flavors I have tried before, but the “natural smoke flavor” of these two kinds, has deterred me from trying them yet. The R!se Buddy rice crackers were pretty good, and would be well used for dipping in hummus or a similar dip. I haven’t tried the PopCorners yet, but I don’t like sweet snacks. (Honestly, sorry I know that I’m so weird about all of these things). The pretzels were as good as any normal pretzels, but the real star of this whole section is the PASTA CHIPS! I really really like them! I ate both bags already! They are really garlicy and savory which is my jam.


Vegan UrthBox Review - gummy snacks, vitamins

  • Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears (2)
  • Jake VitaminCandy, mango flavor (2)
  • Health Without the Hassle, daily gummy vitamin pack (2)
  • SunRype fruit source superfruits

So far, I have only tried the Jake VitaminCandy, but I know that I will  like everything in this section. I was really excited to see some vegan gummies in the box! The Jake VitaminCandy are super tasty and flavorful with a strong mango flavor and you take in some vitamins while snacking, which is nice. I also like that they are strong enough that they can kind of act at a breath mint as well.


Vegan UrthBox Review - drinks

  • Kalefornia Grape Organic Fruit Snack (2)
  • Kuli Kuli Moringa Green Energy
  • Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink
I will most certainly try everything here, even though I’m not a fan of grape juice. (Obligatory, “I’m weird” comment).  I did try the Dark Dog energy drink on my drive from Illinois to Michigan the other day and it was pretty good. The pineapple favors was nice, but I just wish there was a little bit more of it, as I felt it tasted a little plain. On the other hand, it is nice to have an energy drink that isn’t hyper syrupy and carbonated. I checked out their website and they have a few other flavors of drinks and I am quite interested in trying our their “Blood Orange” drink.


Vegan UrthBox Review - pancake mix, protein powder, chocolate, jello

  • Simply Delish, Dessert A La Gelée De Framboise
  • Purely Inspired Organic Protein, french vanilla
  • Buddy’s Nut Butter, chocolate peanut
  • Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix, chocolate chip

Yummmmm. Buddy’s Nut Butter is so good!! Somethings I find nut butters too dry or chalky, or just an off-putting texture, but Buddy’s is different. It’s not dry at all, and another really cool things it that the peanuts are not ground completely smooth, which gives it that nice consistency. I already have more added to my Amazon wish list. One of the things that I was the most excited for from the whole box is the Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle mix! First of all, the packaging is so adorable and this is a big 1 lb full size bag. I am a big pancake and waffle fan so this is such a nice treat.


Vegan UrthBox Review - overall, everything that came in it.

I am more than happy with the snacks that I received for the $14.99 price point that this first box cost. There are a handful of products that I am really excited about, and even more that I’m happy to at least try. That being said, at this point I’m not going to continue to pay $39.99 monthly for snacks. I do think the price is fairly reasonable, but I’m just too picky and don’t really need 25+ snacks each month. This is a great option for vegans just starting on the diet, or for those looking to discover new products that they love. In the future I would consider signing up for one of their small, less costly boxes, because I think it’s really fun to new vegan products.
That’s all for now! This was a really fun post for me. Please let me know what you think of the box and if you think the price is worth it! Talk to you soon.