What I Ate This Weekend – Vegan In Chicago

*This post's original publish date was February 27, 2017* 

My name is Hannah, I just got a new camera, and I ate a lot of great vegan food this weekend. Let’s start a blog! I don’t normally go out to eat so much, but it was a “treat yourself” weekend. Why not, right? Here are some of the highlights of what I ate.

what i ate at…



What I Ate at Kal'ish
Ka’lish- Fried Clucker, Mash & Gravy w/ side of cheese fries


SO GOOD! Kal’ish makes all of their meat replacements from scratch and have a 100% vegan menu. The best parts of this dish was the agave pepper corn bread and the cheese sauce. I understand that it’s a little over the top that I ordered a side of fries when I already was getting potatoes with my meals, but I just had to try their queso dip. I was a big cheese person pre-veganism, and while I don’t miss it now, I love trying out all the different vegan cheese options. ¬†While I’m not quite sure what they put in it, to me it kind of tasted like a beer cheese, though I don’t think that’s could be it. I’ll try to remember to ask next time I go. This was my first time visiting this new restaurant and they nailed it. I definitely am going to go back, because I just have to try their great looking breakfast menu.

what i ate at…


What I ate ate Handlebar- Vegan Nachos.
The Handlebar- Nachos, Fried Avocado Tacos, & Chicago Style Tofu


I’ll be honest, I went to Handlebar to get breakfast and they had stopped serving it by the time I got there. Seven minutes too late is seven minutes too late. I’m definitely not complaining though- I wasn’t missing breakfast after the amazing feast I had.


What I ate at Handlebar


THIS SANDWICH THOUGH. Per their menu, the “Chicago Style Tofu Sandwich” includes “pesto tofu, giardiniera, garlic aioli, dijon, arugula, tomato, celery salt, and focaccia”. Just ask for it vegan! Let me tell you, that focaccia is the true star. If they sold it by the loaf I would have taken more home. It has the consistency of a soft pizza crust, which is something I’ve never had in a sandwich before, but it worked so well. The garlic mashed potatoes were also probably the best mashed potatoes I have ever had so… yeah.. I’m obsessed.


What I ate at Handlebar- Moscow Mules


These Moscow Mules were nice too. The bartender accidentally poured them all as double shots, but none of us had a problem with that (haha). Anyway, it was a good weekend with great food. Stay tuned for more food and adventures!